Public Holidays 2017

By | December 26, 2016

Public Holidays 2017

The Ministry of Manpower has released the list of Singapore's public holidays for next year – and there will be seven long weekends.

Under the Employment Act, if a public holiday falls on a Saturday, an employee who is not required to work on a Saturday is entitled to another day off or …

Calendar 2017 template week starts Sunday, US public holidays. Vector illustration

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Public Holidays Malaysia 2017 with Long Weekend Planner Public Awareness

Singapore 2017 Public Holidays

Singapore to have 7 long weekends in 2017

Calendar 2017 With Public Holidays

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Malaysia Federal Public Holidays 2017

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Singapore Public Holiday Calendar 2017

Simple calendar 2017 with public holidays for the USA

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Figure 2: Long Weekends Planner

Public Holidays

Selangor Public Holidays Calendar 2017

2017 Calendar Pdf Format 2017 Calendar

Public Holidays 2017

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